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Total is a major fuel retailer, with more than 16,400 stations worldwide and leadership positions in Western Europe.

In Africa, more than 3,500 stations dot the landscape in over 40 countries. In our country Ethiopia also Total is the major station marks; We Maz Trading owns two of the total stations mark in Yabello and Shashemene.

Our Marketing crews of the two stations work hard to keep our network up to date through targeted development with our head office based Addis (Maz Trading ), in order to standardize consistent delivery of fuel and lubricants without any shortage.


On the above two spots we have a Total fuel station that provides immediate facilitation and assistance for our chauffeurs when they are en route.

Both service stations found on the southern touristic route (Shashemene and Yabello).

Shashemene: 250 km away from the capital city Addis Ababa.

Services offered: fuel and Lubricants

Yabello: 564 km south of Addis Ababa.

Services offered: fuel, Lubricants, car wash, tire repair and parking.

The combined effort of all sister companies has an out shining effort for the growth and expansion of our Maz trading.

We provide transport fuel to our customers each day through our service stations. We are working to deliver cleaner burning and more efficient fuels. Our products and services are also designed to meet the needs of businesses - from the construction industry to aviation, chemicals to shipping.

Service delivery

Our Yabello and Shashemene Marketing teams work to keep our network up to date through targeted development, in order to capitalize on strong brands and consistent, standardized facilities.

Our teams are working to reduce the water used by our car washes this show we are working for sustainability and wise use of resources, very friendly fuel crews on both service stations Yabello and Shashemene.

Our Service stations as centers for public safety information:

Road safety has naturally been one of our priorities in this area, for many years, in all of our stations sites Yabello and Shashemene.

Oils and lubricants

Our Total stations both in Yabello and Shashemene can provide a full range of lubricants including synthetic high-performance products for your car, motorcycle or trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Total Quartz
  • Total Activa
  • Total Rubia Tir 7400 and many more………………

Sustainable development on our service stations

We are working to deliver fuel energy, to create social benefits, and to integrate social and environmental concerns into the way we do business.

Environment sustainability

Through partnerships with environmental experts and by using new technologies we are finding ways to help limit the impact of our operations on the environment.

Pro-poor community contribution

We are delivering fuel energy to help support economic growth and energy development. At the same time we are addressing concerns of communities near to our operations and we are employing locals for any positions on our stations, upholding our reputation and protecting our business.

We market and sell various fuel variants including Diesel, Regular, and Kerosene, Fuel Oil and Petro chemicals/solvents to our commercial and retail customers.

Through our Service Stations, we sell fuels, lubricants and non-fuel supplies to our retail customers.

Fuels Business is the most elaborate of our business segments and forms the core of our entire operations. We market and sell crude as well as various varieties of white fuels including, Regular, Automotive Diesel, Kerosene.

Fuels are generally homogeneous products from the same source, transported the same way and are generally sold in a similar manner. The market for fuels is therefore very competitive since product differentiation is closely tied to the actual market.

Fuel types on sale

  • Regular

    Regular fuel also know as gasoline, it was a volatile mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, generally containing small amounts of additives, suitable for use in spark-ignition, internal combustion engines. It can be used in the construction industry for small-scale projects.

  • Diesel

    Diesel fuel also known as gas oil, diesel is a fuel suitable for the generation of power by combustion in compression-ignition (diesel) engines. It can be used in the industry for generators, boilers, etc.

  • Kerosene

    Kerosene is also known as white gas. Kerosene is a fuel used for household cooking. Locally known as “Nech gas “

Safety Measures

  • Regular check of the tanker area
  • Alert drivers to switch their mobile, turn off their engine, not to smoke when they come for filing.
  • Regular check up of the availability of fire extinguisher
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